50 Pieces of Literature about Christmas for Secondary ELA

The season of Christmas is upon us, and it is a season of the year that has inspired the setting of many iconic pieces of literature.  The religious iconography of the holiday symbolizes themes of rebirth, renewal, sacrifice, forgiveness, grace, and the archetypal character of the chosen one.  But even more than that, Christmas is a holiday that brings people together, and many authors write about their fond memories of this time shared with loved ones while others focus on those less fortunate who suffer the terrible fate of poverty or homelessness.

The following list of novels, novellas, short stories, and poems represent some of the most well-known and most beloved Christmas stories ever written.  This is a great list to help inspire your final literature units leading up to the holiday break.  You could even give this list to your students and allow them the freedom to choose pieces to read for book club.  This is an excellent list to use alongside your ELA curriculum. 

50 Pieces of Literature about Christmas