Launching the NEW Website!

This is a SUPER exciting time at Bespoke ELA because I am finally getting around to launching a website that will promote my curriculum products for English teachers!  I will be posting some products for sale directly through the website such as my Big Book of Characterization and Literary Analysis Step-by-Step Guide.  Stay tuned for those!

All other products will be listed for sale on my Teachers Pay Teachers storefront, which you can access by clicking on the following logo:


About the Author

Meredith is the founder and creator of and Bespoke ELA.  She has taught high school English for 10+ years in Dallas, Chicago, and New York City and holds a M.A. in Literature from Northwestern University.  She has always had a connection to the written word-- through songwriting, screenplay writing, and essay writing-- and she enjoys the process of teaching students how to express their ideas.  Meredith enjoys life with her husband, daughter, and sweet pups.