Characterization FREEBIE: Analysis through Acting {COMMON CORE}


Characterization FREEBIE: Analysis through Acting {COMMON CORE}


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This listing is for a characterization activity entitled "Action!" in which students analyze character traits through various group acting tasks. 

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For this mini-lesson:

In this activity, students will work in groups to perform a skit for the class that reveals their understanding of a specific character from a story. Students can select from FIVE different skit options in order to showcase their understanding of character.

Students are to maintain the integrity of the original character so that the skit logically connects to the original story. Their goal is to experiment with how a character might react in a new situation—not to completely alter the essence of the original character. At the end of the skit, students must explain to the class how their skit showcases traits of the original character.

This is a GREAT activity to get students interacting with one another and can be quite fun as well!!

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