Characterization FREEBIE: Comic Strip Analysis {COMMON CORE}


Characterization FREEBIE: Comic Strip Analysis {COMMON CORE}


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This listing is for a characterization activity entitled "Character Comic Strip" in which students analyze how a character's weaknesses impact the story as a whole. 

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For this mini-lesson:
"Character Comic Strip"

Every character possesses strengths and weaknesses, just like real people. These strengths and weaknesses cause the action of the story to take place. However, oftentimes a character’s fatal flaw outweighs his/her strengths, which causes chaos and conflict in the story. 

In this activity, students will explore EITHER the most significant strength OR the most significant weakness of a literary character in a story that motivates the action of the story. They will create a comic strip that showcases this strength or weakness and then analyze how that character trait impacts the story as a whole.

Students love being creative with these and sharing them with the class!!! This is also a great activity for students to do in pairs or small groups.

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