Characterization FREEBIE: What's your Anthem?

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Characterization FREEBIE- What's your Anthem-.png

Characterization FREEBIE: What's your Anthem?


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This listing is for a characterization activity entitled "What's Your Anthem?" in which students use music a lens to analyze character.

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For this mini-lesson:
"What's your Anthem?"

Sometimes in a piece of literature, a character has an anthem song that symbolizes his/her growth in a story as well as certain character traits. For example, in Ayn Rand’s novel We the Living, the protagonist Kira Argounova calls her anthem song “The Song of Broken Glass” (a fictional piece of music), which symbolizes the rebellious nature of her character. 

In this activity, students will work with a group of peers to brainstorm a list of FIVE possible anthem songs for the protagonist of a piece of literature. If that protagonist already has an “anthem” in the original text, students will begin with that song on the list and explain how that song reveals traits of the selected character. Then, they will brainstorm four new songs that could also be considered anthem songs for this character as well. 

This is a fun, interactive activity to get students discussing character by using some of their favorite music. It also lends itself to small group debates as students make suggestions for different songs and defend their opinions.

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