Lincoln's Gettysburg Address COMMON CORE Non-fiction Practice

Gettysburg Address Cover RESIZED.png
Gettysburg Address Cover RESIZED.png

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address COMMON CORE Non-fiction Practice

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This product contains Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (found in the public domain) and 12 COMMON CORE multiple-choice questions for close reading along with a short answer written response question. I have provided the answers to the multiple-choice questions as well as a sample paragraph response to the prompt. 

The questions are critical thinking and analysis-type questions similar to that on the PARCC. This is a fantastic resource to prepare for the simulated research portion of PARCC as well as an excellent resource for targeting Common Core reading skills.

Questions assess skills such as:

Word meaning
Textual Evidence
Rhetorical Devices
Rhetorical Effects
Text Purpose & Audience

Be sure to check out the other close reading practice sets that include The Declaration of Independence & Alexander Hamilton's Essay on Manufacturing.  These are CHALLENGING assessments of close reading and excellent tools to prepare for standardized testing.

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