Macbeth Essay Packet Including Sample Essay and Outline

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Macbeth Essay Packet.png

Macbeth Essay Packet Including Sample Essay and Outline

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This packet is designed to support the writing process for a Macbeth literary analysis essay. 


Macbeth Topics & Themes List
Brainstorm Guide
Commentary Brainstorming
Outline Form
Sample Outline
Sample Essay

To write an essay analyzing how literary elements and techniques create thematic meaning in a text

• To use the writing process in order to produce a publishable essay draft
• To construct a logical argument supported by textual evidence and sound reasoning
• To edit/revise essay writing for academic vocabulary and style
• To select textual evidence that effectively supports and demonstrates the argumentative claim
• To analyze how a theme is developed across a text through literary elements and techniques

Common Core Objectives
R1-6,11/ W1,4-7,10-11/SL1,6/L1-6

Teacher Directions
This essay assignment is structured so that it can be modified to fit the needs of your students. Instead of giving students an essay prompt, I have my students brainstorm a topics/ themes list individually, in small groups, and/or as a whole class. They keep these lists in their Writer’s Notebooks and then select a theme to use as the thematic claim of the essay.

Here, I have included a sample Topics/ Themes list to use with your students. Your students can either brainstorm their own lists, or to modify this essay assignment, you can give your students a copy of the list included here and simply have them select a theme to use in their thesis statements. Another idea would be to break students into small groups and assign each group a particular theme to explore in the play together, and they can use the textual evidence they brainstorm as support for their arguments.
An alternative way to modify this list is to give your students only the topics and then have them break the topics into themes. You could assign each group a certain topic and then give them time to brainstorm what the play Macbeth says about that particular theme. Students can then report back to the whole class and record their findings to use as options for the essay.

The rubric included here is a thorough 10-point Literary Analysis Essay Rubric to enable you to give thorough feedback to your students. Give it to your students before beginning the writing process and have them grade the sample essay included here so that they can better understand how they will be assessed on this essay assignment.
You will find forms in this packet to help support various steps of the writing process. You may find that your students need some forms more than others, and other forms not at all. Pick and choose which forms best fit the needs of your students.

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