MEGA BUNDLE: The Literary Analysis Essay Guide in 20 Mini-lessons

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Literary Analysis Essay Cover RESIZED.png

MEGA BUNDLE: The Literary Analysis Essay Guide in 20 Mini-lessons

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I have spent the past TWO YEARS of my life compiling this bundle.  No joke! This is the NUMBER ONE BEST SELLING PRODUCT by Bespoke ELA!  

This bundle contains 20 mini-lessons in 22 files/ 200+ pages to help guide your high school English students to success on the Literary Analysis Essay.

Writing workshop is the cornerstone of the English Language Arts classroom.  As English teachers, we are charged with the task of teaching students how to write effective essays across different modes of writing.  One of these modes, the academic literary analysis essay, can present challenges for both teachers and students.  How does the teacher identify, scaffold, and assess the skills needed to write a literary analysis essay?  And how does the student know where to start and how to organize the writing process?  That’s where this bundle comes in.

Throughout my teaching career, I have developed a step-by-step guide for writing a literary analysis essay that is practical and easy to follow for both teachers and students.  In this bundle, I have compiled 20 mini-lessons that take students through the entire writing process, step-by-step, from reading samples, to brainstorming, to drafting, to editing and revising, and to reflecting.  In fact, these lessons are built so that they are reproducible for teachers.  You can simply take each mini-lesson and photocopy it for your students to complete as homework and/or in class.  To make this guide even more accessible for teachers, each mini-lesson also contains differentiated modifications for you to use as needed, and there are also answer keys and models included where applicable.  

There are different points along this writing journey that ask students to peer revise and turn in work to you, the teacher, for assessment.  These checkpoints will help you to ensure that each student is mastering each skill throughout the writing process.  The only thing you need to decide as a teacher is how quickly you want your students to move through the writing process and, of course, which piece of literature you want students to analyze.  Will you have all students write on the same piece, or will you allow students to choose their own piece of literature?  The choice is yours—or your students’.  As far as timing is concerned, I believe in giving ample time to the writing process so that students write one high-quality essay over the period of a semester or even an entire year.  This philosophy is reflected in the depth and pacing of the lessons in this book.  Of course, you could also modify this process so that students write multiple essays that target each individual writing skill for the literary analysis essay.  These mini-lessons are easily adaptable to fit the demands of your curriculum and your students.  

So, let’s get started!  It’s the “write” time.

Table of Contents

Introduction to this Bundle

Mini-lesson #1:      Student Sample Essays
Mini-lesson #2:      Introduction to the Literary Analysis Essay
Mini-lesson #3:      Grading Expectations
Mini-lesson #4:      The Thesis Statement
Mini-lesson #5:     Textual Evidence
Mini-lesson #6:     Putting the Thesis Statement Together
Mini-lesson #7:    The Introduction Paragraph
Mini-lesson #8:     The Body Paragraph
Mini-lesson #9:     Topic & Concluding Sentences
Mini-lesson #10:    Selecting & Organizing Textual Evidence
Mini-lesson #11:    Blending Quotations
Mini-lesson #12:    Crafting Commentary
Mini-lesson #13:    Putting Together the Body Paragraph
Mini-lesson #14:     The Conclusion Paragraph
Mini-lesson #15:    Initial Revisions & Editing for “Academese"
Mini-lesson #16:    Grammar Editing
Mini-lesson #17:    MLA Format
Mini-lesson #18:    Final Revision Forms
Mini-lesson #19:    Revisiting the Rubric & Final Submission Form
Mini-lesson #20:    Metacognition

Literary Analysis Sample Essay Pack
Writing Folder Progress Checklist
Teacher Approval Form

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