Characters in 3-d Characterization Activity

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Characters in 3-d Characterization Activity

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This listing is for a characterization activity entitled "Character in 3-d" in which students analyze the three dimensions of character. 

This mini-lesson is part of the Mega Characterization Bundle of over 15 characterization mini-lessons that get your students working with all literary devices and techniques. 

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For this mini-lesson:
"Characters in 3-D"

To assess the three dimensions of character

To develop criteria for analyzing character
To assess comprehension of character development across a text
To support analysis with textual evidence
To work effectively with others to produce a product
To produce a piece of argumentative writing in an organized, coherent way using textual evidence

Common Core Standards
R1-3, 6, 10, 11/ W1, 2, 4, 10-11/ SL 1, 4, 6/ L1, 2, 3, 6

“Characters in 3-D” addresses the three dimensions of characters. Like real life people, characters have different aspects that create our life experiences. These dimensions are: physiology (physical makeup), sociology (life experiences), and psychology (behaviors & attitudes). 

When compiled together, we can begin to see a cause/ effect relationship emerge between the three different dimensions of character. In this series of activities, students will consider the three dimensions of a character and analyze how they interact to produce an entire character. 

In the Lead Activity, students are introduced to the three dimensions of character and then asked to apply them to their favorite character. Then, students move on to assessing the three dimensions of a protagonist of a piece of literature and collect evidence to put into an analytical paragraph in which they discuss how the physiology and sociology of a character lead to his/her psychology. 

Finally, students can work in groups to create a brand new SUPERHERO character in which they practice mapping out the three dimensions of character to present to the class. Students will have LOTS of fun creating a new SUPERHERO and sharing it with the class! This creative activity provides an interactive and entertaining way to assess students’ understanding of the three dimensions of character.

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