Screenplay UNIT: Screenwriting in Secondary ELA-- From Script to Trailer

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Screenplay Project cover 2.jpg

Screenplay UNIT: Screenwriting in Secondary ELA-- From Script to Trailer


Product Description

One of the things I really enjoy is reading and writing screenplays. In this unit by Bespoke ELA, I have put together some of the key lessons that I've learned about script writing in a format that is user-friendly to secondary ELA students. Screenplay writing is a high-interest type of writing because all students love movies. For this project, students will create their own original screenplay concepts, write a character sketch and plot treatment, craft a ten-page screenplay sequence, create a trailer, and pitch their film ideas to the class. The entire spectrum of this project targets various skills from reading to writing to speaking to listening-- and students will HAVE A BLAST doing it! At the end of the unit, you can hold your very own "ELA ACADEMY AWARDS" ceremony and give out "Academy Awards Certificates" to the winning groups and students! 

The lessons included in this unit are as follows:

1. Screenplay Project Assignment
2. Famous Movie Match Game
3. What is a Screenplay?— Introduction Power Point
4. Types of Movies/ Genres—power point
5. Movie Brainstorming Activities
6. The Logline—Power Point
7. Crafting the Logline Worksheet
8. Screenplay Concept Teacher Approval Form
9. The Elements of Character—Power Point
10. Character Sketch Assignment & Example with Rubric
11. Intro. to Screenplay Format—3-Act Structure & Types of Drama—Power Point
12. Elements of a Film Treatment—Power Point
13. Film Treatment Assignment & Example with Rubric
14. Famous Script Analysis Activity
15. Intro. to Script Format—Power Point
16. Script Format Analysis—Analyzing Excerpt from Just Drive
17. A Guide to CeltX
18. Script Assignment & Rubric
19. Sequence Structure—The Anatomy of a Sequence
20. Sequence Structure Revision Activity
21. Subtext: Action & Dialogue
22. Screenplay Sequence Submission & Feedback Form
23. Assigning Roles—Movie Jobs
24. Movie Trailer Analysis
25. Film Planning Guide—Handout
26. Movie Trailer Assignment, Rubric, & Outline
27. What is a Screenplay Pitch?
28. The Art of the Pitch-- Screenplay Pitch Samples & Observations
29. Screenplay Pitch Assignment, Sample, & Rubric
30. Class Feedback Forms & Group Self-Assessment Form
31. ELA Academy Awards Certificates
• Best Overall Group
• Best Script Award
• Best Trailer Award
• Best Pitch Award
• Best Acting (for individual student)
• Best Director Award (for individual student)
• Best Music
• Best Camera Work

Scriptwriting is something I truly enjoy, and this project was a work of love. Students will read sample excerpts from screenplays (including one of MINE), and model their new ideas after them. Exposing students to screenplay writing will open their eyes to the filmmaking process and help them garner a whole new respect the moves they love.

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