"Stargram" Characterization Activity

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"Stargram" Characterization Activity

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This listing is for a sample lesson sequence from The Big Book of Characterization (sold separately). The full book contains over 100 pages of lessons centered around the literary element characterization but also has students analyzing a bunch of different literary elements and techniques while targeting reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These are great activities to make Characterization the entire focus of your ELA curriculum! So, if you like what you see here, check out the listing for the ENTIRE BOOK!


To characterize a character from a text using textual evidence

To develop criteria for analyzing character
To assess comprehension of character development across a text
To select appropriate academic vocabulary for literary analysis
To support analysis with textual evidence
To communicate points effectively with small groups and large groups

Common Core Standards
R1, 3, 6, 11/ W1, 2, 4, 10/ SL 1, 4, 6/ L1-3

For this activity, students will first fill out the “Stargram” chart for a specific character—either of their own choosing, or assigned by you (you could even assign student groups to specific characters). Students will then list five adjectives on the “Stargram” to describe the selected character. This is an excellent opportunity for students to use the “Characterization Adjectives List” (sold separately) in order to expand their vocabulary. Be sure to make dictionaries available as well. For each of the selected adjectives, students will find a quotation to support it from the text and add the quotations to the “Stargram.” 

After completing the “Stargram” Activity, you can have students complete any of the follow-up activities that are included: the “Stargram” Discussion, “Stargram” Analytical Paragraph, or the “Stargram” Class Debate. These follow-up activities provide opportunities for students to synthesize their findings from the “Stargram” Activity and to practice both oral and written communication.